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Judge Schneiderman Says He Is A Doctor, Changes Dr. Kohler Taser Death Autopsy Reports In Ohio Court

Taser Win In Court Puts Chill On Doctors
National Published: Wednesday, May 07, 2008
By Adrian Humphreys
Michael Difensore Comments In Blue

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Taser won a court case in Ohio which forces medical examiners in that state to expunge any mention of the device as contributing to deaths of people in police custody.
“It is dangerously close to intimidation,” says group representing medical examiners

A lawsuit by the makers of Taser stun guns has prompted an Ohio court to order a chief medical examiner to delete any reference to the use of a stun gun as a contributing factor in the deaths of three men, a move rebuked as “dangerously close to intimidation” by the National Association of Medical Examiners.

The outcome of the U.S. civil trial comes as the device is under scrutiny in Canada at an inquiry in British Columbia following the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver’s airport in October after he was stunned by a Taser.

Taser, which has a reputation for vigorous legal defence of its popular law-enforcement products, filed a lawsuit against Dr. Lisa Kohler, chief medical examiner in Summit County, Ohio, after she named the use of a stun gun as a contributing factor in three deaths in her jurisdiction.

The case went to trial last month and on Friday, Judge Ted Schneiderman ruled in Taser’s favour.

Judge Schneiderman was explicit: “There is simply no medical, scientific, or electrical evidence to support the conclusion that the Taser X26 had anything to do with the death of Dennis S. Hyde, Richard Holcomb, or Mark D. McCullaugh.”

“The multiple number of experts offered by [Taser International] in the area of sudden and unexpected death while law enforcement attempted to obtain custody, provided overwhelming credible medical and scientific evidence to support their positions.”

Judge Schneiderman then ordered Dr. Kohler to change her official autopsy reports and death certificates for each of the three men.

John Manley, chief counsel of civil litigation in the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, said he is disappointed with the judgment. He is considering filing an appeal. He said defending against Taser was a daunting task.

“They are very vigilant, as you would expect a corporation to be who is making a product that makes so much money for you.

“They have a record of 68 and 0 — they’ve never lost and are quite a force to be reckoned with,” he said.

Jeffrey Jentzen, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, an organization that represents the majority of medical examiners in the United States, said the court’s ruling and Taser’s legal propensity is sending an unwelcome message to medical examiners.

“Our membership is very concerned about these cases and the reaction of Taser to these cases,” he said last night.

“Our membership is looking into the area and although Taser has developed its own opinion, there are certainly opposing opinions as to their involvement in causing sudden death in individuals.

“Our organization feels that it violates the physician’s ability to make a medical decision. Ordering a professional physician to change or alter their records is in violation of their right to practise medicine.

“Taser has sued a number of medical examiners for making informed medical opinions in an attempt, I think, to both protect their product and send a threatening message to medical examiners.

“It is dangerously close to intimidation,” he said. “They are attempting to send a message to medical examiners that if they elect to make that determination they may face a civil suit.”

Steve Tuttle, Taser’s vice-president of communications, said he was surprised by Dr. Jentzen’s comments, disagrees with them and defended the company’s decision to seek redress appropriately through the courts.

“I would disagree with that premise completely. At the end of the day, the judge’s ruling is very, very crystal clear,” Mr. Tuttle said.

In a previous statement, Mr. Tuttle said: “Taser International remains adamant in our position of not settling suspect injury or death lawsuits.

“Taser International’s products have been demonstrated by numerous medical studies to be safe and effective. Taser International therefore aggressively defends our products in all litigation brought against the company with the best legal, scientific and medical expertise available.”

Taser has faced more than 100 product liability suits, according to the company’s filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. stock market regulator. The company’s report lists wrongful deaths, training-related injuries to officers and injuries during arrests as being among the claims alleged.

There have been at least 10 training-injury lawsuits filed against Taser since 2003, according to the company. They include one by an RCMP officer who suffered a back injury after a voluntary Taser strike, he claims. Officers are encouraged to experience a Taser shot as part of their training, the lawsuit says.

A majority of lawsuits against it have been dismissed and several have brought judgments in Taser’s favour.