Democrats And Republicans Want America To Be Third World Cesspit

By Michael Difensore

Democrats/Republicans – Two Sides of the Same Coin

The two political party system in America is a sham that has been corrupt all of my lifetime and probably longer than the generations before me. The idea of voting for the lesser of two evils, like most of the American public think is just plain ignorant. Just ask yourself this question. How could two political party platforms represent the entire population of America that has over 300 million people. Just the fact that their is only two mainline parties to choose from is socialist in nature. Some could also argue that political parties generally speaking are also socialist. Political parties make a candidate conform to the principles of the party as a whole if the candidate wants to be in the party. For example the Republican party says they are against legal abortion and the Democrat party says they are for legal abortion. What about the American people that is against legal abortion, but would make a exception for rape or other extreme circumstances? What then? The American political system is white and black, but a large part of the American public is in the gray area that is not represented. This is true for almost every issue.

The large part of the American public in the gray area in my opinion is middle class America. Open criminality runs our political system. Lobbyists, large corporations and worker unions give large sums of money to the Democrat and Republican parties to carry out their greedy agenda’s. While Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and John McCain debate over who can be the biggest Globalist and put on a show for the American people they have no solutions for any of the large issues turning a once thriving super power to a third world cesspit. Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and John McCain are just puppets to their Globalist masters. Do you really think they have or want a solution to large issues facing middle class America like the gas prices, food costs and the health care crisis just to name a few. Don’t worry the socialist two party corrupt system will fix these problems soon by doing what the Globalists have wanted for a long time in America and that is a two class system. The rich class and the poor class. The family itself will be the target if a universal health care plan is implemented. Government Eugenicists deciding who is worthy for medical treatment and who is not. Forced sterilization would be the norm. High food and energy costs will be ok in the two class American system. Half your pay check going to your gas tank will not concern the new American slaves.

Wake up America from your slumber. Stop watching American Idol, sports and playing video games for a minute and look at what this country has become. Look at what this government has been doing with your tax money. Help save the Republic before its to late. Here is a good quote by Patrick Henry “Give me Liberty, or give me Death!“.

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