Gun Owners Of America Exposes John MCcain’s Anti-Gun Record

Arizona Senator John McCain is running for President (again). He has been courting various conservative leaders in his quest to secure the Republican nomination. McCain wants voters to believe that he is a conservative… but his record would certainly suggest otherwise.

Take, for instance, his record on gun rights and political speech affecting Second Amendment activists. Abysmal, wretched, and pathetic are words that come to mind.

GOA Ratings For John McCain









John McCain’s Liberal Record

John McCain’s Top 10 Class-Warfare Arguments Against Tax Cuts
The Geraldo Rivera Republican
Democrats Say McCain Nearly Abandoned GOP
America’s Foolish European Wannabes
Refutation Of “A Day At The Beach” Charge
Andy Card — I Have Seen McCain’s Anger
McCain’s Character — A Disaster Waiting To Happen
Sen. McCain: I Don’t Have A Temper
John McCain: Liberal In Disguise
Friendly Fire: McCain Has Some Explaining To Do
John McCain: Liberal In Disguise
McCain’s Constitution
Softening The Skeptics
McCain’s War On Political Speech
Lobbying Reforms Unconstitutional
McCain: Major League Hypocrite
McCain’s Gun Control Ad

John McCain’s Voting Record On Gun-Related Issues

109th Congress: Lock Up Your Safety
108th Congress: McCain Puts Gun Shows In Peril
107th Congress: Incumbent Protection Muzzles Gun Owners
106th Congress: Anti-gun Amendments Abound

GOA Alerts Mentioning John McCain

April 2006

Limiting Speech Of 527 Organizations

March 2006

Shutting Down Websites Prior To Elections

March 2006

Will Congress Ditch John McCain’s Internet Regulations?

February 2006

McCain Still Trying To Gag Gun Owner Criticism Of His Anti-gun Record

February 2006

McCain Moves To Punish Grassroots Groups For Congress’ Controversy

May 2002

McCain Looks To Cripple Gun Shows

Mar 2002

Incumbent Protection Could Come Up At Any Time

May 2001

Senators McCain & Lieberman Introduce Anti-gun Monstrosity

May 2001

Senate Could Soon Ban Private Sales

April 2001

Senate Passes Incumbent Protection

March 2001

Senate OK’s Free Speech Restrictions

March 2001

McCain-Feingold Up In The Senate This Week

March 2001

Incumbent Protection Threatens GOA’s Existence

February 2001

McCain Wants More Gun Control

February 2000

Presidential Campaign Advisory

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