Masonic Square And Compass On New Claredon Elementary School – Canton Ohio

By Michael Difensore

I was told by someone I know about a Masonic square and compass on a local elementary school here in Canton. The school is Claredon Elementary located at 412 Clarendon Ave, N.W. Canton, OH 44708. I went to the location to see if it was true and it was. On the very front of the building in carved out scroll work their is a large square and compass. Most people know that a square and compass is a masonic symbol so why is it on the public elementary school?

This story gets even more weird when I found out the scroll work was moved from the old Clarendon School building to the new building that was just finished not long ago. Another thing that is strange about this school is they are called the Claredon Cobras. In my opinion it looks like someone made sure the school kept the symbol but why? I thought that America’s public schools are governed by the principle of separation of church and state? If the Mason symbol was replaced by a Christian cross their would be a uproar. No one says anything though about the Mason symbols on public buildings. Some people think that Freemasons are just a fraternal brotherhood. But the fact is they are a religion who believes in a deity or a God. Here is the Merriam Webster Dictionary defining the word religion – (1): the service and worship of God or the supernatural (2): commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance2: a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices3archaic : scrupulous conformity : conscientiousness4: a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith. The Freemasons are clearly a religion. Once a Mason gets promoted past the 32 degree he will find out the Freemasons worship Lucifer. So its ok for a Satanic religion to have their symbols on public buildings threw out America but not Christians. A evil secret society rules over America in plain sight.


  • As is the case with most conspiracy theorists, you haven’t got a clue of anything you are talking about. Freemasons are not and international conspiracy, religion, cult, idol worshipers or anything else sinister. It is a fraternity of good men seeking to make themselves better members of the world’s communities and along the way make things better for folks like you. You really do need to get a life. I’ll end this now as I noticed that replies are subject to your censorship. I’ll leave you with two thoughts, one true, one tongue in cheek. First, if Freemasons are into everything why am I so poor? Freemasons don’t control everything, just the important stuff. Cheers!


  • This is a very deep blog post. I don’t know how I stumbled across it but it’s intense!


  • First of all, it doesn’t look like a square compass to me…I see you also have a picture here of another ornament, a “Fleur-de-lis”. Did you know this is a symbol of France? Why is there a symbol of France on your school building? If sombody put a symbol of France on our school builing “their” would be an uproar…I belong to the Mason’s and most of the guys in my lodge are Christian, we have a bible in the center of the room during all meetings, so don’t get your panties in a twist. Begin to think about defending people’s religious freedoms and show more tolerance instead of pretending to be concerned about the separation of church and state.~ An American


  • The abstract Square and Compass was likely installed as a small monument to the men who built the building and nothing more. Freemasonry is NOT a religion and Freemasons do not worship Lucifer! I am a Freemason and I can honestly say it is a fraternity of people who want to improve themselves and serve mankind. Charity is a big thing in Freemasonry. Perhaps a Freemason donated supplies or money to that school!


  • I think you are reading a little too much into the remaining artifact from the original school built in 1917. In fact when Clarendon was added on to in 1970 there was very little architectually to use for Clarendon’s heritage. As for the mascot name of the Cobra’s, I was there when we the students submitted suggestions for the mascot and voted on what we wanted for a mascot. As for me, it is one peice of the original school I remember and it is the only piece on the new school that connects it to its past.


  • First of all, the relief in the center is two squares, so I don't think it is a masonic symbol at all. Also, the Fleur De Lis is not just a french symbol of royalty, it is used all over the world.And no, freemasonry is not a religion, it is a system of character building. I have many Shriner friends and they do not worship Satan or Evil. In fact they are some of the most good natured, kind, and benevolent people I have ever met. And one last thing, being that freemasonry is a secret society, people make up all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories about them. But remember that Christianity was a secret society in its beginnings. And last but not least, I would not go around saying the masons are trying to take over the world, this is the same thing the Nazi's where saying about the Jews in their propaganda.


  • I went to Clarendon in the 60s and 70s. The first Clarendon school was built in 1899 not 1917 son the sign in front of the school is wrong. 1917 was the 2nd building. I went to kindergarden in the 1899 building. It was torn down in 1969. IN THE 1800,s Masons in Canton were very common. Many of our most prominent men wer Masons. George Harter,Cornelius Aultman,Louis Schaefer and William Mckinely. The Masons were first chartered in Canton in 1825. This is moore likely a historical thing than any kind of evil. This may have come first from the fist building as a rememerance. Dale Hartline


  • You obviously don't know a thing about what you're talking about.Despite what YOUR definition is you're not a conspiracy theorist like everyone else says.You are simply a ridiculous person that claims they know about something.The FreeMasons is a good natured fraternity not devil woshippers!Devil worshippers are the ILLUMINATI they conrol alot of stuff just not everything.And it's a school!The square and compass can be used as educational tools.The actual Masonic symbol lơks similar yes,but the symbol on the school is NOT the Masonic symbol so widely recgonized!


  • You are not a conspiracy theorist as everyone else says.You're a ridiculous person.The FreeMasons are a good natured fraturnity not what you say they are!The square and compass is used as an educational tool you know it all.What truth is this if you have no proof?Get a life and some books because you have much to learn.Masons are not devil worshippers and Masons don't control the world.(i do not know who came up with that.)And the so called “Masonic symbol” differs from what the real symbol actually looks like!They are not a cult religion or any of those things.What you have posted is non-sense,drivel,and LIES


  • If the masonic lodge is good why are the masons into Organized gang stalking. Why is a masonic square and compass logo built on an American map from all the terror attacks we have had. Connect the dots. Watch this video and ask yourself, Have I been deceived. I believe you masons have been deceived.


  • eefff yuuu cee kay the gaymasons and all kinds of evil crap,,,,,, obviously satan has all this people above me all brain washed,, you know what they say THE dEVILS MOST CLEVER TRICK IS, MAKING YOU NOT BELIEVE IN HIM,,, Jesus Christ is the one and only god of this extraordinary universe. God have mercy on all of us. especially the those who are against him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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