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U.S. Troops Part Of A United Nations Controlled Multinational Force In Iraq

Symbolism: The star represents Sirius sometimes called the Dog Star or Blazing Star which Freemasons use as one of their symbols ( Sirius Satellite Radio!). The two scimitars are Shriner symbols . The Wheat symbolize’s corn used in the masonic corn, wine and oil ceremonies. The colossal statue of the Mesopotamian human-headed winged bull recalls the Babylonian Empire.

Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF-I) replaced Combined Joint Task Force 7 on May 15, 2004. The land forces component of United States Central Command that carried out the initial invasion of Iraq, designated the Coalition Forces Land Component Command, was established by Commander, US Army Forces Central Command, in 2002 – 2003, to oversee two corps-sized organizations, I Marine Expeditionary Force and V Corps. These two corps-level formations carried out Operation Iraqi Freedom (the U.S. military term) which began on 20 March 2003. Coalition Forces Land Component Command was replaced by Combined Joint Task Force 7 on 14 June 2003.

In its turn, CJTF 7 was replaced by Multinational Force Iraq on May 15, 2004. Multinational Force Iraq was established to handle strategic level issues while Multi-National Corps Iraq (MNC-I) directed the tactical battle. General David H. Petraeus serves as Commanding General. As of mid 2006, the 1st Corps Support Command based at Logistics Support Area Anaconda at Balad, Iraq, was providing theatre logistics support.

Symbolism: The Lion symbolizes a Egyptian Sphinx. The Freemasons use the Sphinx as one of their symbols. The Wheat once again symbolize corn used in the Masonic corn, wine and oil ceremony. The Arrow remains a mystery at this point.

Multi-National Corps – Iraq
, part of Multi-National Force – Iraq, is the tactical unit responsible for command and control of operations throughout Iraq.
Iraq is divided into 6 major areas of responsibility maintained by forces from 26 countries.
MNC-I is headquartered by the U.S. Army at Camp Victory, Baghdad.

The other points I want to make is does either of these two symbols look American to you? The United Nations led by a Satanic religion the Freemasons is controlling the war in Iraq from the start in March of 2003 to the present. Iraq will never be a free nation because the plan is to divide Iraq into regions. Iraq’s entire government has been appointed. They were not elected. The rules of engagement for U.S. forces in Iraq was not created by the U.S. government. The United Nations made those also. 3,897 U.S. troops have died because of George Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. More American deaths than the September 11th, 2001 attacks.