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Bingen, WA September 24, 2007 — Insitu, Inc., a pioneer developer of long-range,

autonomous unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced tools for intelligence,
surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), announced today that it recently became the
first unmanned aircraft (UA) company to provide operator training to Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) officials. Insitu’s instruction plays a critical role to further educate
FAA representatives on the importance of integrating unmanned aircraft into U.S.
national airspace.

Two FAA inspectors from the Flight Technology and Procedures Division completed a
comprehensive training program leading to operator certification on Insitu’s INSIGHT™
UAS, a platform designed for a variety of commercial applications. The cooperative
effort between Insitu and the FAA was designed to provide the inspectors with baseline
knowledge and skill that would facilitate eventual development of operation and
certification rules for unmanned aircraft.

“Our Insight UAS is known for its superior performance and versatile capabilities,”
remarked Paul McDuffee, Insitu Vice President of Flight Operations and Training. The
instruction Insitu provided to the FAA inspectors helped demonstrate our platform’s
seasoned maturity level and its previously unknown capabilities regarding safe
application within the national airspace system (NAS).”

Insitu’s four week program was conducted in two phases that included systems training
using a control station simulator in Washington D.C. in the FAA offices at L’Enfant
Plaza. In addition the FAA inspectors came to Insitu headquarters and conducted
actual flights using the Insight platform.

“The opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a system like Insitu’s Insight will help
us move forward in the development of rules that will hopefully allow unmanned aircraft
safe access to our NAS,” commented one FAA inspector.

Insitu’s Insight class of vehicles also includes the military ScanEagle®, developed in
partnership with Boeing, and the commercial Fugro GeoRanger™. Insitu’s unmanned
aircraft systems have achieved more than 50,000 hours of operational experience since

About Insitu
Insitu, located in Bingen, Washington, designs, develops, and manufactures unmanned
aircraft systems (UAS) for commercial and military applications. Insitu introduced the
first unmanned aircraft (UA) to cross the Atlantic Ocean and has partnered with Boeing
to develop ScanEagle® and Fugro Airborne Surveys to develop GeoRanger™. For
more information about the company, visit