Alex Jones Video’s

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The 9/11 Chronicles: Truth Rising – By Alex Jones

EndGame – BluePrint For Global Enslavement – By Alex Jones

TerrorStorm – Final Cut – By Alex Jones

9/11 The Road To Tyranny – By Alex Jones

Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove – By Alex Jones

Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State – By Alex Jones

The Order Of Death – By Alex Jones

Police State 2000 – By Alex Jones

Police State 2 – The Take Over – By Alex Jones

Police State 3 – Total Enslavement


  • Alex Jones is a con-man. You want to know how simple it is to catch him for what he is, a fraud? When he said he “infiltrated” the Bohemian Grove, which he portrays as a secret society bent on world domination, he wasn't caught, nor was his video censored, nor did the Bohemian Grove hire assassins to murder him as soon as possible before the “truth” got out. If the Bohemian Grove was really bent on world domination they wouldn't have even allowed Alex Jones to get in (they would have made sure to make it impossible for anyone to infiltrate into their grounds), much less allowed him to get out.If you looked up reliable sources instead of listening to a charlatan, you would know that the “Satanic ritual of human sacrifice” to the “owl god Moloch” is actually a play named “Cremation of Care”, meant to represent that while staying at the Bohemian Grove, men could relax and forget their worries. If you were at least a little educated, you would know that the god Moloch was never historically represented by an owl. Moloch was and continues to be a bull-headed deity.In fact, the Bohemian Grove's theatrical show historically also included “The Sacrifice of the Forest”, a play where Christians successfully convert pagan Druids before they partake in bloody sacrifice. So much for their “Satanism”, no?Alex Jones is unreliable. The kind of paranoia Alex Jones fosters was what caused the Holocaust in the 1940s. For years, Jews were believed to be bent on world domination, so they became subject to genocide in concentration camps. It didn't start with Hitler, go read Martin Luther's anti-Semitic “On the Jews and their Lies”, which inspired Nazism. That's right, the hero of Protestantism was a diabolical man worthy of shunning.Freemasons died in WWII concentration camps also, didn't you know? And now paranoid conspiracy theorists like you and Alex Jones are saying Freemasons and others are bent on world domination. I am frightened by you people. With enough insanity you guys would round up all the Freemasons you can catch and murder them wouldn't you? Your pals the Ku Klux Klan did it with Catholics, Jews, Northerners, and Blacks. It just so happens that they are your ancestors. Most of the demographics of the conspiracy theorist populations are Southerners.(To be continued)


  • (Continued)While you guys display your shadow government's flag, the Confederate States of America, in your vehicles and houses (for you are not truly Americans), you point fingers at just about everyone else and seek their destruction. You want mob rule and oppression. And the worst thing, you use the Lord's name in VAIN for your evil purposes of disorder and chaos.Please, get an education. Study in a good school, read good books, and stop watching Fox. Even Wikipedia is more reliable than the sources you guys ultimately get your stuff for. Alex Jones isn't just the only unreliable example. The Taxil Hoax against Freemasons, look it up. “The Two Babylons” (discredited by scholarly analysis), look it up. Alberto Rivera's fraudulent history, look it up.If you are so dumb to believe everything you hear, why i might as well do the same, and point out the extensive attempts by conspiracy theorists to point fingers at all the people of the world that aren't like them, and say that conspiracy theorists are planning to put the rest of us in concentration camps and have a second Holocaust. Because unlike your theories, this theory makes some sense. It has historical basis; it has happened before, and i just hope it never happens again…Sorry to have offended you if i did. I was a little blunt, but it's all because i really do care. For some while i was into these theories, until i researched on my own and found them to be based on proven hoaxes. I've come to realize the harm it's caused to six million Jews as of 1945. I just don't want it happening again. God bless.P.S.: Look up Occam's Razor and start to use it in your day-to-day life.


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