The Ohio Masonic Grand Lodge Is Headquarters Of The New World Order Religion In Ohio.

This add was in a news publication called the Beacon published bi-monthly by the Ohio Masonic Grand Lodge in Worthington, Ohio. Verizon Wireless is clearly a New World Order company giving the Satanic secret society a discount for cell phone users. I guess if you worship Satan you get rewarded by Verizon. Has anyone ever seen a discount for Christians by large corporations? My guess is no. Click here for more Reading about cell phones.

“A new member benefit has
been created for those who are
members of Ohio Masonic Lodges
or Ohio Eastern Star Chapters!
Ohio Master Masons or Eastern
Star members who are currently
Verizon Wireless customers and
who have a price plan with a
monthly access fee of $34.99 or
greater, can now receive a 15%
discount from Verizon Wireless.
Normally, this kind of discount is
only available to employees of
large corporations. However,
the Verizon Wireless Employee
End User Program is now
available to all Ohio Master
Masons and Eastern Star
members who have a current
dues card.
More information regarding
switching over a current
Verizon account or starting a
new one can be found at the
Grand Lodge webpage”

Ohio Mason Elected To Shriner’s Top Post In The World:

Dr. Bernard J. Lemieux,
of Toledo, has been elected
Imperial Potentate of Shriners
of North America, making him
the highest-ranking Shriner in
the world.
He is serving in his 11th term
as a member of the Boards of
Directors for both Shriners of
North America and Shriners
Hospitals for Children.
Dr. Lemieux is a retired
radiologist and member of
the medical staff at St. Luke’s
Hospital in Maumee, where he
served for eight years on the
medical executive committee.
Brother Lemieux is a Past
Potentate of Zenobia Shrine in
Toledo. He is a member of Barton
Smith Lodge #613 and received
his 33rd Degree from the Scottish
Rite in 2006. He is a member of
the Scottish Rite and York Rite
in Toledo, and formerly served
on the board of the Otis Avery
Browning Masonic Home

Grand Lodge Of Ohio Celebrates 200 Years Of Evil:

2008 will mark the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio. As the governing body for Ohio Freemasonry, the Grand Lodge has chartered just under 800 Lodges. There are currently 530 active Lodges with a total membership of 120,000.

One comment

  • Some young, honest Freemasons are battling the corrupt Grand Lodge of Ohio as we breath.They uncovered evil and have been expelled for shining light on it.They are in Cleveland and are recieving the rath of th eevil empire in full force. They need all the public help they can get! news about standing up to the corrupt Grand Lodge


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